Others believe.  Do you?

Join the conversation.  Read and listen to the voices that have shared how they believe in Kilgore ISD ... how they believe in our students and our potential.  Feel free to add a short comment below or, better yet, submit something more personal.  Do you believe in KISD?


God puts us in situations to help people. As Educators we can make a difference in students’ lives, in academics as well as their personal lives!

teaching is the most important profession in the world

one person can make a difference.

that each child is one journey & it is my responsibility to help make their journey possible, so that they will be successful.

that the kids of KISD possess the ability & desire to achieve at high levels.  It is the charge of us as leaders, teacher & the collective school, community to foster & grow these desires & abilities

a teacher can go beyond where they are to what is possible.

I make a positive impact on teachers and students.  I devote myself to give all my energy to being a better leader.

in looking beyond what is to what can be.

(our dash) daily lives should make a difference in a child’s academic, social & emotional life!!

that every child regardless of background, race, gender, disability or economic status should be given an equal chance to succeed in this world.

all children deserve a chance.  I believe KISD has the potential to be a powerful place to be, powerful for children & adults.

teachers make an impression on each student and that imprint lasts a lifetime!

we can positively affect our students and help each student find their potential!

that by simply sharing a child you care for them can make a difference in them socially & academically…for the rest of their life!

everyone deserves a fair chance.

that 1 person can change the path of another.

we are limitless in what we can accomplish.

that all decisions made & all actions taken should always be based on the interests & needs of all students.

Build relationships & provide opportunities for students to experience success in learning.

in quality instruction.

every person, adult or child, has value. Their value should be respected and encouraged.

I am where I am today because I believe this is where God has led me to be for the most good for His purposes to help a greater number of children, parents & teachers.

Faith Driven He lifts me up to be more than I can dream-therefore, I go where He leads me.

today’s students are our seeds germinating our future of tomorrow-Matthew 13:4 and when He sowed, some seeds fell by the wayside. The fowls came & devoured them up. Some fell upon stony places, when they had not much earth; and they sprung up, because they had no deepness  of earth. It goes on…I believe that we have to get children to the rich soil & protect.

every student has potential & can make progress!

every person has a right ot learn & become part of something bigger than themselves.

I am a leader & will follow my leader to learn more & more.  I must lead & be ready to follow.  I am ready to learn.

I am nothing with Him! God’s grace & mercy allows me to touch the lives of our future to make a positive difference!

It’s All About Relationships!

model compassion, character & perseverance in hopes of helping to build a better tomorrow.

the key to moving students forward is a heart to heart relationship.

every child deserves a chance.  They deserve My Best in all things I do.